A recognized expert in career, effectiveness, leadership, work-life balance, and positive psychology coaching, Lisa-Michelle helps people move forward by matching their strengths to their best opportunities and overcoming obstacles. She also helps businesses achieve remarkable results by helping them set ambitious goals and create realistic implementation plans.

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provides guidance and resources to achieve the unthinkable — career success, time for one’s family and hobbies, health and fitness, stress management, happiness, overall wellness, and so much more.


Founded by Lisa-Michelle Kucharz to help individuals and businesses achieve maximum success through effective, results-driven coaching, training, and retreats, Ace The Race helps people in moving forward, accomplishing remarkable goals, and making their dreams come true.

It's never been so challenging to live a
well-balanced life, so Ace The Race  


Many people keep a gratitude journal, recognizing the benefits of writing down things for which they're grateful. I recommend keeping a gratitude jar, which has the same benefits of the journal plus the opportunity to watch the contents grow and to increase happiness by noticing it every day. READ MORE


Most people can increase their happiness. By applying proven tools, some which take only a few minutes to implement, one can learn to appreciate positive circumstances, shape surroundings, discover optimal practices, and benefit from understanding the mind-body connection.

One technique to help increase happiness is to surround yourself with items that will inspire you to be happy. LEARN MORE