Lisa-Michelle Kucharz

Effective meetings achieve a desired outcome. They can leave participants energized and feeling that something significant was accomplished. With heavy workloads, you don't want to waste anyone's limited time -- especially yours. You can learn how to run successful meetings that use time wisely, accomplish your objectives, and leave participants satisfied.

10 Tips for Effective Meetings

  • Establish clear objectives
  • Have participants fully prepare in advance
  • Create effective agendas
  • Keep it interesting
  • Include the right people
  • Foster open communication
  • Encourage idea sharing
  • Avoid and handle interruptions
  • Optimize scheduling
  • Follow up -- thank attendees, and explain next steps

When you run more effective meetings, you use time wisely, boost morale, and get things done!

About Lisa-Michelle

Lisa-Michelle specializes in effectiveness, leadership, career, and positive psychology coaching. She helps people achieve remarkable goals and dreams, transition careers, develop strategic business plans, establish optimal work-life balance, find greater happiness at work and in every day life, and create stress-relief routines. She is an adjunct professor, speaker, and has held many leadership and volunteer positions. She enjoys traveling, hiking, nature, animals, cooking, baking, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.