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Once again, it’s Work Like A Dog Day. While I don’t know anyone who observes any rituals for this day of unknown origin, the thought of it has bugged me for several years. I’ve struggled to ignore its absurdity, as well as the nonsensical saying itself in relation to modern-day house dogs.

But this year, I’m offering a new take on this day and encouraging all of us to work like a dog. That’s right. It’s time to learn from our canine friends how to become the colleagues everyone wants to be around.

10 Reasons To Work Like A Dog

Dogs are good listeners. Numerous studies, including one by author John Izzo, show that employees are less productive and don’t take initiative, because management doesn’t listen or get input before making decisions. Being a good listener is key to an individual’s success. Having a team of good listeners can dramatically help an organization improve its results. READ MORE


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It takes just three words to increase your happiness at work whether you’re already working at your dream job, learning from a stepping-stone position, or currently filling one of those do-what-you-have-to-do-to-get-a-paycheck roles.

It seems like we live in a society of complainers, people who focus on -- and share -- what’s wrong. It’s common to hear your peers, friends, and families whining about long work days, bad bosses, commuting woes, dead-end jobs, disappointing performance reviews, workplace bullies, lack of mobility, getting passed up on promotions, 

budget cuts, and so on. Most of us get caught up in the ongoing cycle of criticism and ride the complaint bus -- every day. And, in some cases, throughout each day. If you find yourself surrounded by workplace whiners and then also complain a lot about your job, you’re hurting your chances of being happy at work. READ MORE